Namboothiri jokes

Namboothiri got into a transport bus which was full packed with passengers and no seats were vacant.A kind gentleman offered his seat to namboothiri

gentleman:please take your seat sir.

namboothiri ;Oh no it is already late. I have no time to sit.

To err is human and to Insure, divine

You only live your term.After your term you will pass away leaving your loved ones.The most gloomy part of life is this aspect which everybody is aware.Fate has never allowed us to plan our life according to our preferences.But life insurance has enabled us  overcome fate to a great extent by taking care of our family in our absence .


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The clarinet maestro « Navahto’s Weblog

The clarinet maestro « Navahto’s Weblog

The clarinet maestro

Sankar is a clarinet master in kerala. He is so reputed that the people of kerala enjoyed his concerts very much.Most of the temple festivals in kerala hosted his concert. This much popularity made him think of raising his fees. Oneday a few youngmen came to his house.He greeted them and asked them to sit down.

They wanted his concert on the occasion of their temple festival. The master wanted a huge amout for the concert and the young men were not in a position to give it rather.

But they badly needed his programme because his concert was the most sought for entertainment those days.The master was not willing to reduce his fees. finally the young men went away with anger and despair. After a few days the clarinet master received a letter as follows.


As required by we we have decided to stage your concert on the said date.The fees you insisted will be paid to you on the occasion.We request you to be present here in time.Thank you.

NB:You needn’t bring the instument.We have our’s and you can use it.

After this incident sankar stopped playing clarinet and started playing violin.

The idiot ministers

Ali and nayar were two ministers in kerala. They went for shopping oneday and stepped into the cloth store.Ali asked the salesman

Ali: give me seven underwears please.

Salesman: What is the colour sir?

Ali: White please.

(Nayar was astonished.)He asked Ali

:Why seven?Do you need so much?

Ali answered

:I need one for a day. Sunday monday and so on.

Nayar was convinced.He asked the sales man.

Nayar: Give me 12 underwears please.

Ali was confused.Why twelve?

He asked Nayar:Do you need so much?

Nayar: Yes ,january ,february an so on.

Ali whispered to the sales man’s :Make it black please.

The ideal minister in kerala

The Ministers in an indian state called kerala are very famous for their idiotic behaviour.Here is an instance to illustrate how idiotic this minister is.

Place :Newly eleceted ministers House.

The angry minister cries out: “What a negligence! Do you think i am an idiot?It is true that I am the minister for backward communities. But is it the reason for not giving me the icemaking cupboard here in my official residence?(he was so poor and unculture before becomig  the minister and doesn’t know the name FRIDGE and he has never in his life used such an applicance at home)

His attendant(who belongs to the upper caste): Sir! Please cool down sir,The have given it here. You are mistaken! You have kept it in your bedroom and you are keeping your cloths inside that”. (he chuckles…)